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Gavel and Book Closeup — Attorney at Law in Houston, TX
For whatever reason, many defense attorneys are cautious about going to trial. Sometimes the prosecutors just aren't being fair, and a jury trial is needed. I have been able to get cases dismissed by setting them for trial. These are cases that the prosecutor said they would never dismiss. Don't get me wrong; if you set a case for trial, you must be willing to try it. If the prosecutor suspects that you are hesitant to go to trial, they won't back down. That's why you need an experienced trial attorney who is not afraid to try a case and won't back down when it counts. I have over 21 years of experience and have tried literally hundreds of cases. When a case should be dismissed, it usually is. If we do have to go to trial, however, I am not afraid to do so. More importantly I have a winning track record with trials. Those trials that should be tried and won, I won. Don't get stuck with an attorney who is afraid or cautious to try a case. I am a trial attorney who is willing to go to trial, even on hard cases, and I am willing to fight hard for your case.